Welcome to Valley Community Baptist Church. We are one church in multiple locations with campuses in Avon and Bristol, CT. Our mission is to honor God and grow in Christ by worshipping God, equipping believers, bringing people to Christ and serving our neighbors. We would be honored to have you join us

Worship Service Times & Styles

We worship together on Saturdays at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m in the Sanctuary in Avon. There's also a service at 10:30 a.m. at the Avon Campus in The Venue. There are communal dinners on most Saturday and Tuesday evenings at the Avon Campus. We also meet as small groups and classes throughout the week.  We look forward to meeting you.



Avon: 590 West Avon Road, Avon, Connecticut. Get directions and contact information.

Bristol: 718 Pine Street, Bristol Connecticut. We meet at Greene-Hills School in Bristol.

Children & Students

We encourage families to worship together on the weekend, and then choose children's programs and communities for middle school and high school students. During the week, we offer age-specific clubs and gatherings for children, middle school and high school students

There are also special events like summer camps, student retreats and the family summit that will help children and parents grow in their relationships with each other and God.


At Valley Community Baptist Church, we value knowing the truth of God and obeying His Word. Senior Pastor Jay Abramson is the lead teaching pastor. We invite you to listen to the latest sermon series.




Laura: Rescued by the Truth

Raised in a religion that left her feeling doomed and abandoned, Laura kept pursuing Truth, and God guided her heart to ensure her rescue and salvation by her true Savior.



Biblical response to what Jehovah's Witnesses believe (from the North American Mission Board)

Comparison Chart: Mormonism and Christianity (from the North American Mission Board)


Shawn: God Pours Back Into Us

Shawn, currently serving as a worship leader, talks about how he can now see that God was working on him even before he became a follower of Jesus.


Susan: Unexpected Life, Unexpected Death

Susan had an "amazing life" after her son's incredible survival of childbirth. She and her husband were raising two kids and changed after discovering church. Then, suddenly, her husband died. 


Patti Ann: Serving on the Tech Team

Patti Ann found the perfect role for her to experience the joy of serving.


Olga: It is done. He paid it all

Raised in Brazil, Olga thought she needed to keep coming back to pay for sins in a past life. Now she knows that Jesus paid the price for her sin and she wants to tell others about this hope she has.



Darcy: I Have a New Life

"I'd see a Bible in a hotel room and think 'I wonder what's in there.'" Now Darcy is reading the Word and attending studies, and everyone in her life sees a difference. The Alpha course was instrumental in her journey. 



Ron: Every Life Can Be Transformed

"Every man that is in prison is someone's son, someone's husband, someone's father." What happens when you offer them a different way to handle life?



 Jordan: I am Second

What happens when you are kind to those that you may not like? You find that there is more to everyone's story. As a senior in high school, Jordan stepped out of her comfort zone.



Jeannette Part 1: The Meanist Dentista

Jeannette, a dental hygienist, said she'd never fly; she'd never work on children's teeth; she'd never give injections; and she'd never extract teeth. So, how did she find herself do all those things in the Dominican Republic?


Jeannette Part 2: A Dental Clinic in Constanza

Can you really go from working in a spare room with no running water to a permanent dental clinic in Contstanza? That's what happened when Jeannette said "yes" to God, He worked out the details to provide in a way that is immeasurably more than Jeannette could have imagined.


Delanie: Scrubs on Sunday

What happens when a coworker shares God's grace and mercy? Lives are changed. Watch Delanie's story.



Michael Anthony: Scissors and Sharing Jesus

He'd never opened a Bible, but when life started spiraling down, he asked his wife to find them a church.